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  • We believe that a radical intervention in the world of knowledge is a necessary condition for a radical transformation of society.
  • This belief has deepened since the appearance of the internet which has brought great flux to the world of knowledge. Virtual networks of knowledge are ascendant, Science is losing its place of command and lokavidya (people's knowledge) is getting new recognition.
  • At the same time, globalization and corporate reorganization in the Age of Information are shaping new forms of exploitation uprooting the lives of peasants, artisans, adivasis, women and small retailers, all bearers of lokavidya.
  • In the Knowledge Age equal respect for all streams of knowledge is a pre-condition for shaping a world based on ideals of equality.
  • A people's knowledge movement that resides in the mass movements of people on the other side of the digital divide, alone can lead to a new philosophy of knowledge required for a radical pro-people transformation of society.

  • Knowledge is a species characteristic of human beings, that is, every individual has knowledge.
  • All knowledge starts with lokavidya and must return to lokavidya.
  • Knowledge that does not return to lokavidya turns against mankind.


Photo: The Vidya Ashram at Sarnath.

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