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Publications is an important aspect of Vidya Ashram to place before the people ideas that need to be debated for a kowledge intervention of political significance. Workshop proceedings, periodicals, books, booklets and research papers brought out are given below:

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Introduction : Amit Basole
The myriad ongoing popular struggles against displacement and dispossession, inequality and imperialism will acquire a new civilizational significance as well as a sense of solidarity with each other if they are seen as knowledge struggles, struggles for restoring legitimacy to peoples knowledge or lokavidya. The coming of the Knowledge Society in the past two decades has destabilized the established hegemony of modern Science by recognizing the knowledge of peasants and artisans. In the process it has created a space for the building a new politics of lokavidya. These are the principal claims of the present volume, a collection of articles by associates of Vidya Ashram located in Sarnath, Varanasi. Among the contributors to the volume are activists, scientists, social scientists, and a knowledge manager. All have been participants or close observers of peoples movements in India. Read more ...,