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Lokavidya Jan Andolan

LJA Multai Convention 11-12 Jan 2014

Gyan ki Rajniti - Indore Meeting - 5/8/2013

Gyan ki Rajniti - Singrauli Meeting - 25/7/2013

The Varanasi Shivir 26-28 April 2013

लोककला ज्ञान यात्रा 17 से 20 मार्च 2013

Lokavidya Jan Andolan - One More Step, March 4, 2013

इंदौर क्षेत्र में लोकविद्या जन आन्दोलन 19-20 जनवरी 2013

LJA Conference, Madhya Pradesh, Singrauli 28-30 Sept. 2012

अनूपपुर में लोकविद्या जन आन्दोलन, १४ आगस्त २०१२

Madhya Pradesh LJA Conference, Singrauli 29-30 Sept. 2012 : Preparations

Lokavidya Jan Andolan Meeting, May 2012, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh

बिहार में लोकविद्या जन आन्दोलन समागम - 31 मार्च 2012

सेवाग्राम में लोकविद्या जन आन्दोलन संयोजन समिति की बैठक 18 मार्च 2012

A Report on The First International Conference of Lokavidya Jan Andolan (LJA)

Call for Participation: First International Conference to be held in November 2011 in Varanasi.

Announcementsthis is a pdf file: English Spanish French Italian German Chinese Hindi Bhojpuri Marathi Bengali Telugu Kannada Malayalam

Third Preparatory Meeting held in Indore, June 1-3: Agenda (English) and Report (Hindithis is a pdf file)

Report of Second Preparatory Meeting held in Hyderabad, Feb 27-28

Statement of the First Meeting held in Varanasi in November 2010

Lokavidya Jan Andolan National Conference 21-22 Feb. 2015 Indore.

YOJANA Oct 2014 publishes article on Lokavidya by Amit Basolethis is a pdf file. Available also in Hindithis is a pdf fileand Marathithis is a pdf file

Weaver-Artisan Rally and Lokavidya Workshop in Varanasi 18-19th Sept. 2014.


WSF2015 Tunis-Vidya Ashram Bulletinthis is a pdf file

LJA Bulletin-7 'सबको पक्की आय... ' in Bangla.this is a pdf file

LJA Bulletin-7 'सबको पक्की आय... ' in Telugu.this is a pdf file

LJA Bulletin-7 'सबको पक्की आय... ' in Urdu.this is a pdf file

Lokavidya Nazariya October 2014this is a pdf file

Lokavidya Prapancham Telugu February 2015.this is a pdf file

LJA Bulletin-7 'सबको पक्की आय... ' August 2014.this is a pdf file

It is important to understand that these emancipatory pathways traverse through the world of knowledge. Peasants and adivasis, artisans and women, pavement retailers and workers need to stake a claim for lokavidya. They need to claim that a radical challenge to capital and commercialization of knowledge can be posed only by lokavidya. They need to also claim that only lokavidya provides the knowledge bases for a society based on truth, social and economic equality and bhaichara. We need to understand that until these claims are staked we shall remain prisoners of our preconcieved notions of radical social change, without effect. The knowledge claim of the